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This site is intended for all Games Masters wishing to manage their Quests.

You can create new rules and manage characters your players.

The action takes place in the Old World .

Think the Earth in a mysterious and distant past and you get an idea of the Old World , composed of very different from other nations.

The Empire is the most important both economically and militarily . You could say he is the former East Germany from the 16th or 17th century.

Imperial constitute the majority of the characters role play and most scenarios will take place in this part of the world.

South lies Bretonnia , equivalent to Medieval France …

North , Kislev , Tsarist Russia Old World …

And beyond , the land of Trolls and the Chaos Wastes , the antechamber of hell …

Elves, orcs , goblins and dragons are also present in the different countries of the world of Heroic -Fantasy in which you will embody an intrepid adventurer.


The Warhammer World teeming with creatures most malicious.

You will find here a selection of common characters, such as pickpockets and assigned to watch guards, animal mounts, monsters you will encounter regularly the road as goblins or Beastmen malevolent spirits as ghosts or zombies.


Aldor Grimkro
Dietrich Magnus
Dulding Guldan
Eldillor de la Maison Ma…
Faïn Marrys Laughreen
Human Malicia
Kikhaa Chryséis
Lanfeust Grim